Greetings from Madame President

Hi Everyone,

You probably heard that I joined Quirky as President in November. I am thrilled to be here and working with such an incredible group of  people. I’m even more thrilled to have the support of a passionate community who cares about making products that can change the world.

These last few weeks I have immersed myself in all facets of Quirky. I don’t believe you should come to a company and assume you know anything. I’ve met with a large majority of the teams. I’ve read through all the forum posts, listen to customer service calls and participated in Evals. It is clear that the Quirky team has the same desire as the Quirky community: Making invention accessible to everyone.

So what’s my job? Quirky has proved that there is a differentiated way to get products to market. We know it works! Now we want to make sure we can scale so we can produce more products from your incredible ideas. That takes some process and structure. In an innovative environment the right processes just make the business run smoother, save time and money, and ultimately produce a much better result. I am helping Ben and all of you cement the foundation to build the best product invention company in the world.

So who am I? If you haven’t Googled me, here are the highlights. I spent the last 16 years building frog from a small boutique into the world largest design innovation consultancy. We produced thousands of products and services for hundreds of companies around the globe.

The ability to view how product development is done in so many environments allowed me to see where the flaws in the process were. All companies are producing products the exact same way. Either the R&D team has come up with a technology and a Product Manager wraps a product around it or someone has an idea and raises money for it.  Quirky is the only one that harnesses the power of the community to identify problems and create products to fix them.

I am not a designer and I am not creative. However, I have managed creative people my whole professional life and I understand how art and commerce can peacefully coexist for the greater good. (ok…I’m a little creative )

I will work with Ben to smooth out the lumpiness that is common in any startup.  I want to help control the chaos, not eliminate it. My job is to make sure we have a great foundation to bring your ideas to market.

Have I told you how excited I am to be here? I’ll keep you posted on the progress and I always welcome your input.

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